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Maybe you met Doug at Queen Elizabeth Public School. Maybe it was John McGregor Secondary School. Perhaps you chatted at a local restaurant over breakfast, after church. Possibly you caught up with Doug while he was on the sidelines at a local youth sporting event. Maybe you’ve corresponded with him via email or telephone. Perhaps you crossed paths with Doug while he was walking his dog.


An active citizen and politician, Doug was born and raised in Chatham. Doug paid his way through university, working at International Harvester (Navistar), Motor Wheel and as a guard at the Chatham Jail. Doug earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science and an L.L.B. (Bachelor of Law) at the University of Western Ontario. Doug was always looking to expand his skills. He completed the Advanced Finance Program at McGill University’s School of Business and the Executive Business Administration program at Queen’s University School of Business.

After graduation Doug decided that his hometown was a great place to work, live and raise a family. He soon decided to serve his community by following his passion for public service. Doug’s political philosophy, that government shouldn’t impede individual initiative, is grounded in his desire to serve the people, including being visible and active every year in office, Doug asks the tough questions that some councillors are reluctant to ask, always doing his homework and demonstrating results not just prior to an election but all the time.

Doug Sulman, prominent local lawyer, is seeking re-election to one of six Ward 6 Council seats in the upcoming municipal election on October 25th.

Sulman has served Chatham-Kent for over 25 years in various capacities: as a school board trustee, a city alderman, and a municipal councilor. Doug is the current president of the Kent Law Association and has also served the community as the president of the Rotary Club, chairman of the Chatham Police Commission, and Chatham library trustee.

“Experience is essential to be effective on Council”, said Sulman. “You have to understand the municipal finances, know who to contact, and ask tough questions in order to get things done for taxpayers.”

“My goals for the next four years are fiscal responsibility, job growth, community progress, and most importantly, a civic government that listens to its citizens,” said Sulman. “To achieve that we need a councilor who is not afraid to fight on behalf of the citizens and who doesn’t simply rubber stamp decisions – and I have a proven track record of being just that kind of councilor.”

The Chatham resident is married and father of three children. In addition to his legal education Sulman holds a B.A. in Political Science and certificates from both McGill University and Queen’s University business schools.

Doug Sulman – Ward 6, Municipality Of Chatham-Kent

I have served Chatham-Kent as a School Board Trustee, an Alderman, and a Municipal Councillor. I have been President of the Kent Law Association and have also served the community as the President of the Rotary Club, and on the board of several charities.

My community and professional service has been recognized by Rotary International naming me A Paul Harris Fellow; by the Ontario Government by presenting me with the Ontario Volunteer Service Award and the Municipal Government Service Award; and by the Governor General by naming me a Queen's Counsel (Q.C.). Most recently I was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

I believe “Experience is essential to be effective on Council. You have to understand the municipal finances, know who to contact, and ask tough questions in order to get things done for taxpayers.” Rarely a meeting goes by where my experience hasn't saved taxpayers' money or helped avoid a costly mistake.

I have consistently opposed unnecessary expenditure of hard earned tax dollars. I have not supported budgets which could have been lower. 

In the next four years our community will face many challenges. If elected I commit to always put the interest of the taxpayers first in each decision, to do my best, by using my knowledge, experience and common sense in making decisions that are fair for all concerned. For more information visit

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