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Client Services

I enjoy solving legal problems for my clients, whether is is untangling estate matters, seeing that they received proper compensation when they have been injured or dismissed from their job. I take particular pride and pleasure in assisting people buying or selling property and seeing their smile when they acquire a new house.


I strive to see that with proper estate planning my clients can feel confident that their estates, property and business will transfer smoothly to their heirs.


It is at the end of the day I take greatest satisfaction to loyally and professionally serve the people I care clients.

Civil Litigation

My role is to resolve your problems in a timely fashion. Allowing you to leave any issues that arise during negotiations to me. I will advocate for your interests while working to reach a compromise that you can feel comfortable with. 

Wills and Estates

I can assist you with wills, trusts, health care authorizations, living wills, powers of attorney and any documents or agreements related to estate needs.


Employment Law

Whether your employment law concern is relating to a wrongful dismissal, severance package or employment contract, I can provide solid legal advice. 


Real Estate 

I am committed to providing personalized and thorough legal services in real estate and mortgage transactions. 

  • Agreements for purchase and sale

  • Contracts

  • Sales

  • Purchases


Business Transactions

If you own or operate a business there are numerous legal issues that are likely to come up over the course of time. I have the experience to provide you with sound advice on corporate and business issues. 



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